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About Us

Our Story 

In 2017 Ticket Rescue’s Founder & CEO, Bryce Wilson was stuck with tickets to a Tampa Bay Lightning game he could no longer attend.  No sweat, he’ll sell them online.
But that process ended up being more complicated than he thought.

Which site is the best to sell through?
Why are the fees so high?
How do I get the most money back?
Is there a service to speed this up?


At Ticket Rescue, we offer a fast and secure way to sell your tickets outright based on the current market value.

Need to sell your tickets in 15 minutes or less?  Got you.
Concert starts in 1 hour?  No problem.
Festival is 9 months away but you just got invited to a wedding? Life happens.

Our story is pretty simple. We’ve been buying and selling tickets since that Lightning game in 2017.  To sell tickets effectively online takes time, market knowledge, and resources.  To avoid scammers, you need to know their tricks.  We use our industry expertise to get you the best offer and secure payment – fast.

If you have a ticket burning a hole in your pocket, send us an SOS.
We’d be happy to help.

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Our Core Identities

What Makes Us, Us:

The Learner

We view learning as essential to happiness & growth. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, both in and out of work.

The Lover

We provide an environment of comfort, love, acceptance, and mutual respect. We accept everybody’s model of the world and are eager to learn as much as we can.

Zest for Life

It’s all in the title– add a little “spice” to your life! Work should be fun, exciting, and breathe new life into you. We’re fueled by passion, not willpower.

Collaboration over Competition

One opinion will never produce the best decision, but a combination of decisions will always lead to the best results.


We value personal growth and time spent outside of work.  Rest & relaxation are essential to our productivity, creativity, longevity, and overall wellbeing.


We always ask ourselves the “why” behind everything we do. We plan, strategize, and think carefully before taking action. Our decisions are always calculated.

Transparent & Honest

We do not believe in withholding information to protect others and crave genuine feedback, knowing it is meant to help us improve, not hurt feelings. 


We take full ownership and responsibility for our work & actions. We’re unafraid to hold each other accountable knowing we’re working together as a team.

Off Beat

We are unique individuals with distinct personalities who can think outside the box. We don’t even know where “the box” is anymore…

Inspired & Passionate

We care, and it comes naturally. We recognize that we’re working for something bigger than ourselves; that all of our work has a purpose, no matter the size of the task.


Let your inner “whatever” shine! We are all open and honest with each other. We are unapologetically ourselves and unafraid to let our true personalities take center stage.