Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness is the first in a series of focal points of giving back, and we need your help in doing so! 

Find out how we’re getting involved in the fight against Breast Cancer, how you can get involved, and read our teammate Liam’s personal story. 

Getting Involved

Shop for a Cause

During the month of October, Ticket Pickers will be donating a percentage of all sales from our shop site toward the fight against breast cancer. Be part of the change and shop for a cause!

Get Active with Us!

This month our team is tracking steps on the Charity Miles app! The more steps you track, the more money will be raised towards the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Download the app and join our team to help make an impact in the fight against breast cancer. Earn 10% OFF of your purchases after your first 1,000 steps in October.

Liam’s Story

October 2019: Helping in the fight against breast cancer

Here at Ticket Pickers, we really believe in giving back. This is the first chance we’ve had to do something that can really make a difference. On behalf of Ticket Pickers, I want to take this chance to thank you all for allowing us this opportunity and for your continued support.

I also want to personally thank Ticket Pickers for choosing Breast Cancer Awareness as it is something that is close to my heart and I feel privileged that TP decided to start their run of giving back with this charity.

Breast Cancer Awareness is the first in a series of focal points of giving back, and we need your help in doing so! Cancer is something that has touched almost everyone’s life in one way or another. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. She had a mastectomy and has been cancer-free ever since! I remember the fear I felt as an 11-year-old coming home from school and finding out about the diagnosis, 100% the scariest time of my life. 

Nearly two million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the US, imagine the number of people that are touched each and every day by these diagnoses. This means that thousands upon thousands of people are feeling that fear I felt as an 11-year-old, every day. This is why we want to help, and why we need your help too!

This month we are giving a percentage of all of our sales to Breast cancer awareness. So, if you’ve been eyeing some tickets on our site, now is the best time to buy, not only will you get those tickets you want, but you’ll be helping a greater cause.

You can also join us on the app “Charity Miles” our tag is @TicketPickers, and just by exercising and doing your normal daily activities, you will help raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Check out what Charity Miles is all about at the following link: ( Again, make sure to join our team: @ticketpickers!

Apart from Skin cancer, Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Please help us in our bid to make a difference! We will be giving back to a different charity/ foundation every month, so stay tuned to find out what we will be giving back to in November and why we chose that particular cause.

Thanks for reading,
Liam Ainsworth