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Why Instant Payment Matters in Festival Pass Resale

The festival pass resale market is a dynamic one, where enthusiasts exchange tickets for events. It operates as a secondary market, providing an avenue for those with spare or unusable tickets an avenue for getting them into the hands of someone who can't wait to go....

How to Survive Your First Festival

So: it’s your first festival. LET’S GO. Beyond the musical, festivals embody an ethereal and communal spirit. Without getting too woo-woo on everyone, they really are experiences that transcend the ordinary.  Festivals are a chance to break free from the routine, take...

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Festival Passes Instantly

Today, we’re addressing what we can only imagine is the most-asked Reddit question: How do I sell weekend festival tickets? Kidding, it’s likely something much scarier, but it is frequently referenced. (Source(s): [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]) The long and short of...

Top 15 Music Festivals in the United States for 2024

We at Ticket Rescue have attended our fair share of festivals. And now, we’ve gathered our knowledge into one backstage pass on the top 15 music festivals in the United States for 2024 that we've deemed must-attend festivals.  Please remember that our top-15 list is...

Artist Astrology Series: Virgo

Artist Astrology Series: Virgo

Beyonce, Nick Jonas, Michael Jackson, Wiz Khalifa and Otis Redding are among some of the most famous Virgo musicians. Virgo’s celebrate their birthdays between August 23rd and September 22nd.

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