Work With Ticket Rescue

With live events growing and new artists constantly hitting the scene, Ticket Rescue could always use an extra hand providing the best customer experience possible to ticket sellers. Read on to see what joining our rapidly growing team looks like!

Help Us Give the Gift of Experience.

Ticket Rescue is an exciting, young start-up company intent on shaking things up in the event ticket sales industry.

Our goal is to provide users a reliable and quick service where they can come to sell tickets to all varieties live events!

We here at Ticket Rescue believe that every fan should have a chance to go to a live event, and we try our best to ensure that no tickets go to waste! 

Teams & Open Roles

Business Development

Our ambitious innovators. This group is constantly looking for ways to expand the biz.

HR & Culture

Our people, people! This team keeps our company moving smoothly from within and guides our culture.

Sales & Support Squad

Our squad of happiness professionals. The team that keeps our customers smiling.

Information Technology

Our team of web wiz’s, cyber security experts and creative developers. These are our web & tech pros.

Marketing & Branding

The team who keeps our brand image on point in all areas digital marketing and public relations.


Our money team. The finance group manages all things money and keep us on track towards success.

Core Values & Job Perks

Working at Ticket Rescue comes with some awesome job perks including the: ability to work remotely, entertaining team meetings and an enthusiastic group of

If you met the Ticket Rescue team at a tailgate, you’d find that we are:


You won’t find a lazy Ticket Pickers team member out there! We’re all actively looking to improve.

Culture Focused

We’re a tight-knit group. You’ll gain a community of supportive friends & leave weekly meetings laughing.

Craving Constant Growth

The sky’s the limit for us, and we put that belief to practice regularly.

Positive Minded

Everyone on our team has the habit of thinking positively. If something goes wrong, we’re not worrying!

Industry Disruptors

We’re the rule-benders of the event ticket sales industry. Our goal is to shake things up.

Traveling & Working Remotely

Our team is spread out across the United States and traveling internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a role is not available?

Feel free to submit your resume and cover letter to at any time. We will keep your information for future consideration.

Do you hire internationally?

We are open to hiring internationally as long as it aligns with our hourly requirements (we operate on Eastern Standard Time) and HR regulations.

What is your hiring process like?

If you’ve been short-listed as a candidate for a position, you’ll start with a video call with our Human Resources manager. From there, you would interview with the other 3 members of our leadership team and have the opportunity to chat with an employee in your perspective department!

What employee characteristics are most important to you?

At Ticket Rescue, company culture is extremely important to us. Apart from your skill set & experience, we look for candidates that align with our vision and core identities.

Interested in working at Ticket Rescue?

Send an email with your experience and resume to, or fill out the form to the right to send a message to our HR team. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us right away; we might just be waiting for the perfect position to open up before reaching out!