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Selling Tickets FAQ’s

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How do I sell my tickets?

Check out our How It Works page here!  Still, need more?  Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or via Text!  Click the “Message Us” button in the top right corner and our chat representatives can walk you through the sales process step-by-step – starting with getting you an offer.  If you accept, we’ll guide you through what we need.  If you decline, no problem!  You can always come back later for an updated offer.  No harm, no foul.

Do I list my tickets on the site?

No, we currently only purchase outright from sellers.  What does that mean?  No waiting around for us to find a buyer or having to manage a listing yourself!  We’ll make you an offer.  If you accept, we’ll send over the payment before you transfer or ship your tickets.  If we are unable to resell your ticket, that’s on us.  The money is still yours!

What do I do if the show has been canceled?

If the event you sold tickets for is canceled (not postponed) we require a refund of our payment.  But here’s the good news!  As the original purchaser, you will also get a refund from the primary ticketing service (aka Ticketmaster, Frontgate, AXS, etc). Yes, even if the ticket has been transferred to our account, the original purchaser always gets refunded! In turn, we ask for a refund of the amount we paid you so that we can refund the fan who purchased from us.  Everyone walks away even!

What do I do if a show is rescheduled?

Typically, nothing!  As long as your ticket is still valid for the rescheduled date, the sale remains!  Sometimes, the primary ticketing site will reissue new tickets for a rescheduled show (most commonly, if the venue changes).  If that happens, you’ll get an email from them with the new ticket and just need to reach out to let us know!