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PayPal’s secure site offers protected transactions for all of our sellers. If you don’t have an account, no worries! PayPal makes it simple to create an account online within minutes.

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  • Amber Lyn Lowry AvatarAmber Lyn Lowry

    Easy Peasy! It makes life so much easier if you want to buy or sell - 3/05/2020 

    Bridgett Jeffreys AvatarBridgett Jeffreys

    I sold a pair of concert tickets to ticket rescue! It was easy! And they have great customer service ! - 3/05/2020 

    Alex Shores AvatarAlex Shores

    Ticket Rescue was the most straightforward and painless process I have experienced! Thank you! I will be using Ticket Rescue... read more - 3/05/2020 

  • Kaitlyn Ducote AvatarKaitlyn Ducote

    I needed to sell an extra ticket for a concert coming up, and they were able to offer a fair... read more - 3/05/2020 

    Nico Laus AvatarNico Laus

    Tickets got transferred easily and everything worked fine. Would contact Ticket Rescue again next time. Thanks for the quick process! - 3/05/2020 

    Olly Wales AvatarOlly Wales

    good service. would use again. fast, efficient. - 3/05/2020 

  • Thanh Ly AvatarThanh Ly

    I had a quick and easy experience! They were helpful and fast with payment as well! I would recommend if... read more - 3/04/2020 

    Hannah Guffey AvatarHannah Guffey

    Very helpful and give me back my money for the tickets. - 3/04/2020 

    Erin Newell AvatarErin Newell

    Quick and easy experience with a very fair offer. No sellers fee and sent me the money right away. Much... read more - 3/03/2020 

  • Kimberly Hope Lindseth AvatarKimberly Hope Lindseth

    great service easy to use! - 3/03/2020 

    Yara Mazhar AvatarYara Mazhar

    SO EASY TO USE ! 10/10 would use again! - 3/03/2020 

    Tracy Lynn Riccio AvatarTracy Lynn Riccio

    Ticket Rescue made the process of selling my tickets painless. I was unable to make the event this year and... read more - 3/03/2020 

  • Karina Pawlun AvatarKarina Pawlun

    Just sold concert tickets for tomorrow night for $40 each, selling these to Ticket Rescue was the easiest thing ever.... read more - 3/03/2020 

    Tiana Laurendeau AvatarTiana Laurendeau

    5/5 stars totally saved me - 3/02/2020 

    Alissa Bui AvatarAlissa Bui

    quick kind easy and awesome ! will continue selling and buying tickets - 3/02/2020 

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