How Can We Help You?

General FAQ’s

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Can I buy tickets from your site?

Yes! We sell tickets online at

Where can I inquire about job opportunities with Ticket Rescue?

For any employment inquiries, please contact us at “”

What happens if I sell tickets to an event and it later gets cancelled?

Under these circumstances, we are entitled to a full refund as the tickets are no longer valid. No worries though, you will also be entitled to a refund from wherever the tickets were originally purchased.

What if I sell tickets to an event that is later rescheduled?

Under these circumstances, we always uphold our sale and maintain all responsibilities included with the possession of your tickets for the rescheduled date. Make sure that your tickets are not invalidated for any reason!

What do I do if I accidentally sent invalid tickets?

If you have accidentally sent invalid tickets, make sure to let us know as soon as possible and issue a refund for our purchase immediately following.

Why is my payment not showing up in my account?

Often times this happens when payments are “unclaimed.” In order to claim your payment, you will have to go through the payment alert email you received. Also, make sure that your account is fully verified through PayPal.

What is the best way to contact Ticket Rescue?
The best way to contact us would be through our Facebook page or Message Us button. Please note that our office hours are 10am-10pm Eastern time.