The ticket subscription service you’ve been waiting for


You should be worrying less about searching for events and more about going to them. We hand-pick live event tickets just for you based on your interests. Let our experts bring the entertainment to you.


What to expect

How It Works


Tell Us What You Like

We ‘ll gather as much info as we can about you, like interests, location, budget, and seating preferences. This will allow our experts to provide you with tickets we know you’ll love.


You’ll pay a fee based on the number of events you’d like to attend. This is credited towards any ticket purchases you make in the future. If you don’t use it, your fee will roll over into the following month for as many as 3 months.

You'll Get Options

You’ll never need to buy any tickets without approving them beforehand. We’ll send you customized options to select from. Choose as many or few as you would like to purchase!

We’ll bring the fun to you

Let Our Experts Get to Know You

Tell us all there is to know about your ‘event going experience’, then sit back and relax while we pick out your events for you!


  • This is what we do – Events that you’ll love is something you can count on.
  • Pick & choose  Only attend the events that fit your interests, schedule and budget.
  • We’re always improving  The more feedback we receive from you, the better. Went to an event you loved? Let us know and we’ll make sure it happens again!

Other Perks

A Few Things We Didn’t Mention

  • Great prices – Our prices can’t be beat. With our price match guarantee, we promise that if you find a better price on a verified ticketing site, our team will match it.
  • Fee free tickets – With our all inclusive pricing, the price you see is the price you pay. 


“I’m excited that I will never have to miss an event or an upcoming artist again. I don’t have time to research what’s going on in my area and with Seatscription doing all the work for me, I can just show up and enjoy the show.”

Rachelle Thompson

“I’m a huge fan of concerts and sports events, but I never seem to make it to as many as I’d like. I’m also not great at following upcoming shows or ticket announcements. Seatscription is going to be just like my personal “fun” assistant.”

Cole Baxendale

“How much easier could it get? No need to scroll through Ticketmaster, stalk artists on IG or any of that. Take down my interests and send me customized event ideas for a small monthly fee? I’m in!”

Jesus Villamizar

Become a Member

Seatscription is currently an ‘invite only’ service. Submit your details here and keep an eye out for an email from our team.