The Enthusiast Subscription

The Enthusiast

For the fan who wants to attend 1 event per month

With this subscription tier, you will receive:
• Exclusive “Founding Member” subscription pricing
• 3 personalized event options per month
• The best ticket prices you can find (backed by our price match guarantee)
• 3-month subscription credit rollover

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"The Enthusiast" Subscription

  • You will not be charged for your subscription immediately. There will be a $0.01 fee charged to your card in order to verify the payment method. After that, your card will be charged within 10 days of signup.
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  • Please remember that this is a monthly subscription. Your card will be charged on a recurring basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the subscription fee go towards?

Your subscription is credited towards the ticket purchase you make from the event options we provide you with. Depending on your subscription type, your credit can roll over up to three months.

What is the “Founding Member” subscription pricing?

As a founding member, you will be grandfathered into these prices for as long as your subscription lives! Subscription prices may rise for other new users, but yours will not.

What exactly is the 'price match guarantee'?

Our price match guarantee states that in the event you find comparable tickets to your personalized ticket options that come at a better price (make sure you add in all the extra fees) we will match it! Please note that comparable tickets must come from a verified resale or primary ticketing site.

Can the price match guarantee be applied to purchases made directly from the Seatscription website?

No, the price match guarantee only applies to tickets offered through your subscription.

How does the subscription credit rollover work?

If you select a subscription that includes the subscription credit rollover, the funds will remain in your balance for up to three months after they are added.

Can I use the price match guarantee after I have purchased my tickets?

No. Seeing as ticket prices are extremely volatile, there is no way for us to know whether prices will rise or decline. If you would like to match a price, it must be done before you make your purchase.

What does it mean to be a founding member?

To be a founding member means that you are the first of many to use Seatscription. You can also refer to yourself as a Trendsetter, OG or Trailblazer.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, but monthly subscription fees are non-refundable.

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