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Today, we’re addressing what we can only imagine is the most-asked Reddit question: How do I sell weekend festival tickets? Kidding, it’s likely something much scarier, but it is frequently referenced. (Source(s): [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]) The long and short of it: there’s a few ways to sell tickets.

 We’re biased. We think selling to us is easiest. We give you a number based on what we think we can get for it, and if you like it, instant money to your Paypal. We wrote this article so you would know that’s a service we offer. And most Reddit posts will back us up: the safest option is some form of cash. (And we pay you first. Pretty good deal, IMO.)

However, let’s say you want to go the traditional route. We love that. You’ve got options. The music festival landscape is dynamic, and so is the ticketing scene. These resale markets have become increasingly prominent, so there’s a lot of options. Let’s take a look.

Understanding the Festival Pass Resale Market

First off, just some insight on the industry. Selling festival passes is risky. It’s really hard to have some sort of escrow — a situation where both the money and ticket are held by a trustworthy third party. Well, it used to be anyway.

 Now there’s tons of escrow options (AKA marketplaces), but they take killer fees. Sometimes up to 25% of the price of the ticket. That’s insane. Laughably insane. And it’s because of the “customer-to-customer” relationship. You’re not always selling to the marketplace itself, because they don’t really love working with average joes. So now, your goal is to figure out which platform has the lowest fees but gets rid of your ticket in time. Depends on your time crunch.

 (We do love working with average joes, for the record. And we don’t have fees. Paypal does, but you can take that up with them. <3)

Preparing Your Festival Pass for Resale

Before you enter the resale process, ensure your festival pass is ready for its new owner. Have your info pulled up, and a picture of ID handy just in case. Be logged into whatever platform is hosting the ticket or have a screenshot handy. (Please.)

Choosing the Right Platform for Instant Sales

The choice of the resale platform can significantly impact your selling experience, and it’s no surprise that Ticket Rescue might suggest Ticket Rescue. However, we understand that instant payout for a given amount isn’t always ideal — maybe you’ve got time to spare before the concert, and don’t mind waiting to see if ticket prices will increase so you can get more money back. We totally get it. Here’s a quick run-down of the platforms and how each allows you to sell:

Step-by-Step Guide to Instantly Selling Festival Passes

Maximize Visibility

Let’s say you’ve decided to go the marketplace route. Check out existing offers and other tickets available, and consider how to make your ticket a more attractive offer. Pick a price that feels competitive but fair. Keep in mind that a lottttt of sold tickets do not result in revenue for the seller unless something crazy happens, like an artist’s fanbase blows up (looking at you Reneé Rapp and Chappell Roan.

Ensure a Smooth Transition

You might not need to even worry about this. Most platforms handle the sales process for you once you click the box that says you’re good to sell your ticket. Platforms with more flexibility in choosing who you sell to often have more resources for scam protection. If anyone has questions about your ticket —as in the marketplace company or the potential buyer— answer those inquiries as quickly as possible. Be aware ahead of time what info might be needed to complete the transaction, which could include pictures of your ID or additional ticket info.

Get Paid (Instantly)

Payment speed depends on a few factors. For instant payment platforms, instant can mean 15 minutes (like here at Ticket Rescue) up to a few hours later depending on their banking system. Others take around 3–5 business days, like Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange.

Tips and Best Practices for Successful Festival Pass Resale

A note on customer-to-customer transfers —

Selling to another person comes with some inherent risk. We hate to admit it, but none everyone is as chill as you and us. Scammers are out there with Instagram accounts filled with years of posts and webs of fake friends. We really wouldn’t recommend person-to-person ticket transfers, and most of our competitors wouldn’t either, and that’s a liability thing. If you get scammed out of money, there’s no one protecting that transaction. Your bank is almost definitely not going to give you that money back, and usually make you check a box specifically for scenarios like this one.

Analyzing Market Trends in Festival Pass Resale

Festival passes will go for different amounts of money depending on the lineup, headliner changes, inclement weather, and how far away the festival is. By staying informed about these trends, you can strategically time your listing to capitalize on peak demand. And by that we mean, if you really despise the replacement headliner, the best time to list your ticket would be right after the announcement — when people who love the headliner are excitedly looking for tickets and ready to pay more to secure one of limited tickets.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Resale

There are some platforms that use more advanced technology to scrape data of different marketplaces or offer a “safer” escrow option, like one with blockchain security. Truthfully, that’s outside of our scope. If you’re into that stuff, we’d advise using the same level of caution as any other platform. Possibly more, given the level of anonymity in web3 tech.

Securely Sell Festival Passes Fast With Ticket Rescue

Instant cash isn’t something most platforms can offer. Neither is no fees. Ticket Rescue has both.

Being backed by thousands of positive reviews and having a passion for attending live events ourselves is why Ticket Rescue is around. With festival season right around the corner, hundreds of tickets for the top 15 music festivals in the United States are being exchanged daily — make sure to sell your festival pass on a reliable and safe platform like Ticket Rescue to avoid scams.

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